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This site is a compilation of paintings, photos and videos from my most recent experiences and travels in many regions of the world...a sabbatical journey through time and space, light and shadow. While living and working in Greece as a young artist, I was inspired by the Mediterranean Sea’s physical beauty and enduring historical significance. My plan, to return to the region to paint and photograph for an extended period of time, was fully realized during my sabbatical project in the winter/spring of 2008. Since that time, the seeds of travel to the Mediterranean region and beyond have continued to feed my artistic journey. As a visitor to my site, I welcome you to take this visual experience with me, seeing through my eyes as an artist in ever-changing landscapes. The variations of colors in different locations and the changes in those colors caused by the light in different  seasons, the color palettes that an artist can choose for changing light situations and the ability to respond to the landscape in a variety of mediums/media  is at the core of all my artworks.

These recorded observations and documentation/interpretations of light and color were the primary focuses of my original spring 2008 sabbatical project. During that time, I was also able to work with renowned painters/plein air artists, art restoration experts, art historians and museum educators  who live and work in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Croatia. My sojourns and studies continue to feed my soul and my art.

I have travelled the world by train, fishing boat, sail boat, ferry boat, bus, bicycle, donkey cart...and an occasional airplane.

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